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The Hunter S. Thompson Community

Hunter S. Thompson fans
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Three quotes from the Depp Letters:

"He did what he did because he knew it was the wrong thing to do."
-Lord Buckley on the Marquis de Sade

"Cultivate what the audience doesn't want."
-John Coqteau (sp?) on the essence of moviemaking

"Who is the happier man? He who has braved the storm of life and lived? Or he who has stayed securely on the shore and merely existed?"
-Hunter S. Thompson, age 17


This community is dedicated to the worship, stalking, reviewing, analyzation, and honor of Hunter S. Thompson - the masterful inventor of Gonzo journalism, reporter for Rolling Stone, and madman for the ages. I'd call him a zeitgeist.

So, if you love the Good Doctor, like myself, join and share some of your thoughts on him. It could be some pictures, excerpts from his books that you've enjoyed, or anything else.

When you first join, identify any of his books you've read, first (or second) impressions of Thompson, and some things you've enjoyed about him that brought you here.

I won't ban you if you don't, but it'd make things more interesting, and perhaps we'd learn some things.

Agree with me that it's not fair for Chuck Palahniuk to get two communities (palahniuk and chuck_palahniuk) while one of his talented progenitors is left out in the cold, community-less.


Plus, even the look of Hunter Thompson is timeless. His writings present a contagious mindset that can free us from our lives of fear and loathing.

That's why he's a doctor!

Thanks for joining, and enjoy!


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