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"you think that you know the end, so then take your place at the begining" [08 Jun 2012|06:55am]

all fatalism is inauthentic

you hid yourself away.....why?

because you couldnt stand my negativity...why?

because you put your faith in the conclusion rather than the premiss


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[17 Nov 2008|07:29pm]

Hunter Thompson has a special place in drug culture and literature because he proved to the non-drug using public that you can use copious amount of chemicals and still be intelligent, eloquent, creative and successful. The same adjectives apply to the people at narcotichrist, so if you like talking about drugs to clever people then click this veritable rainbow of links. Everyone likes HST, too. Natch.

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43 Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas movie icons [17 Oct 2008|10:04pm]


The rest here @ jlk_lumberjack.

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From Russia with Gonzo. Res Ipsa Loquitor. [26 Sep 2008|12:00am]


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waxing nostalgic about H.S. [30 Jul 2008|05:21pm]

huuuuge fan of the doc.
as for what i've read!
Better than Sex: Confession of a Political Junkie Stuck in Mr. Bill's Neighborhood
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Kingdom of Fear
STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF: (yeah, i tend to read about 10 books at once, his are a large chunk of them)
Hell's Angels
The Rum Diary
The Curse of the Lono

and i am currently trying to find somewhere that will sell me a copy of "Where were you when the fun stopped?" but if i must i have the track listing and i could just download the songs.

i have high hopes of getting to go see the movie about him as a birthday present, but thats a maybe...

i've been familiar with the works of The Good Doc since i was a child.  my dad is an old school acid head and his books have been lurking on the shelves in my house for as long as i could remember.  my real interest began when my dear dear corrupting uncle gave me a copy of the movie "Fear and Loathing" when i was eleven.  it took me a couple years before i could get my hands on the book (my father wasn't exactly comfortable with his 11 year old daughter getting into this sort of thing) but i got around him.  being young, i of course barely understood a lot of what was going on but it all struck me a hilarious, well written and intelligent.  now it is an insightful earful at the underbelly of politics and is quite refreshing.  his views are sadly missed, because i would LOVE to see what he would have to say about the fiasco that american politics have become.

so, the bush family got in the white house again.  WHO'S COMING WITH ME TO PARAGUAY?!?

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[27 Jul 2008|07:35pm]

Love HST and I was just a little curious about something.

I own the Uncorrected Proof of The Joke's Over, Bruised Memories: Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson, and me by Ralph Steadman. I was just wondering if anyone knew how much the book is worth? It is paperback and in great condition with some shelfware. I'm not even sure if it is worth that much at all.
Thanks in advanced!

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[18 Jul 2008|01:09pm]
 Happy Birthday Hunter!We love and Miss you!!

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[18 Jul 2008|08:22am]

 Happy Birthday, Doc.  Miss you around.

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for anyone that's interested... [23 Jun 2008|07:52pm]

Uploaded this for another comm but I might as well let you guys snag it before the link dies.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Soundtrack

xx tt

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6 Hunter S. Thompson/Fear and Loathing Icons [15 Jun 2008|10:31pm]

1. Photobucket 2. Photobucket 3. Photobucket

@ icon journal

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[09 Jun 2008|12:21am]

Is anyone else really sad that Hunter wasn't around to comment on the democratic nomination race?

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Mexicano [02 May 2008|10:42am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi, my name's Chris and I love everything about HST, I've readed F&LinLV and the Rum Diary, apart from that I've only readed scatered stuff here and there. I hope to learn more from this remarkable man by joining this community, thanks

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wanted to share [02 May 2008|09:20am]
dig the hat.....

Buy the ticket....
take the ride.... 

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